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Some childhood cancers, such as leukemia, have seen dramatic improvements in survival rates over the past fifty years.  Sadly, many other childhood cancers, highly malignant solid tumors in particular, have seen little to no improvement in those same fifty years.  Help us change this fact.  Help us advance the research that will improve the outcomes for all children battling cancer, today.


The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation (EIN: 45-1858390) helps to fund the intelligence and technology that will improve long-term survival rates and minimize side-effects for children diagnosed with the deadliest cancers, while helping to care for families when their child is in treatment by providing financial assistance and uplifting experiences.


With your help, we fund projects that hold the promise of transforming the standard of care for the most aggressive cancers that are unique to children, with a strong (but not limited) focus on brain and spinal cord malignancies. We feel a tremendous responsibility toward making sure our efforts positively impact children who are in treatment today


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